This year, the ESE starts on Monday, October 19 with the introductory event in the livestream. The current schedule is also available simply for your pocket as iCal file to import it directly into the calendar:


It's Corona Time.

The first semester introduction 2020 at the Faculty of Computer Science is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into account of all necessary measures to ensure the protection against infection to create the best possible concept for you.

We are currently working on the final planning of the individual events and will inform you here regularly about updates.


Important: Events marked with a orange border (green font color for the barrier free version) are of special interest to non-german speakers, as they offer support for english in one form or another.


Introductory event 9:00 Uhr Online-Livestream
After a new welcoming speeches, you'll get all the important informations you need for your first semester. Afterwards you get your amazing uni-bag with a lot of cool stuff

You will find the livestream directly on the ESE website at

Tutoria 10:00 Uhr n.n.
Many ESE tutors will help you with your start into the big university world. We give you an overview of the week and everything you need to know.

Meet the lecturers 13:30 Uhr Online-Livestream
This is your chance to get to know the professors before the lectures are starting. They are gonna talk about themself and what they are doing exactly.

You will find the livestream directly on the ESE website at


Enroll­ment 9:00 Uhr n.n.
The most important appointment of the week. While breakfast is served all morning, we will write you into your timetable and explain everything that goes with it. That way nothing will go wrong in the first semester.

Talks about the FSR 12:00 Uhr Online-Livestream
What is this FSR, what does this gang actually do and can you eat it? We'll give you an insight into our work.

You will find the livestream directly on the ESE website at

Campus scavenger hunt 15:00 Uhr n.n.
Get to know our beautiful campus, solve riddles and get to know the other students while working as a team. And the best team can even win a price!

Club tour 19:00 Uhr n.n.
Join us in experiencing Dresden's nightlife. On our tour of the student clubs you will even get the opportunity to meet students of other faculties as well. We will meet at Club Count Down.


Hiking tour 09:00 Uhr n.n.
It's Wednesday, so we turn one gear back and after the club walk can never hurt some fresh air. You can leave the many impressions to rest a bit during a hike through the beautiful Saxon Switzerland and enjoy nature for the first time. Since we can not influence the weather, you are suitably attracted and don't forget food, water (!) and a camera.

game & ascii evening 18:00 Uhr café ascii
The ascii is your chance to get involved with other students. The ascii always looks for new people. which want to help because it's fun and not because of money. If you would like to get to know the team and have a nice evening then come and join us.


Talks about the uni 9:00 Uhr Online-Livestream
Just sit down and listen. You will get all the information about the university and your studies you'll need.

You will find the livestream directly on the ESE website at

Nerd101 / Info market & Matriculation Ceremony 13:00 Uhr n.n.
We invite you to our nerdy lecture series »Nerd101«. Alternative: In the name of the Rectorial Board and the Senate of Technische Universität Dresden Professor Ursula M. Staudinger, Rector of TU Dresden very warmly invites the students of the new academic year to the Ceremonial Matriculation.

Movie Night 20:00 Uhr Kino im Kasten
Did you know what we have a student cinema? Join us and enjoy a 'secret movie'. Free entry!


Seminar group meeting 10:00 Uhr Follow your mentor
Get to know your mentor and the other students from your seminar group. You can ask all the questions you couldn't ask so far.

ESE-game 14:00 Uhr Foyer of the APB
Bascially you will experience the whole first term in a few hours. Who will be successful, who will stop studying? Joins us on our last event of a fun week!

Neu­stadt-­Pub­tour 19:00 Uhr Albertplatz
Dresden can only be historical and dignified? Definitely not! In the Neustadt you will experience Dresden from its youthful, hip and lively side. The district in the north of the Elbe is synonymous with student pubs, club culture and irrepressible desire for art, culture and a cool blonde. On the pub tour through the heart of the New Town you will learn everything about the second city centre.


Guided city tour 13:00 Uhr n.n.