The ESE-Film 2019 is finally here! Watch here

07.10.2019 - 12.10.2019

Your start at the Faculty of Computer Science

Computer Science at the TU Dresden. Unknown city, big campus, so many new people. We as the Student Council of Computer Science, short FSR, warmly welcome you to the university. You are now part of a large community, the computer science department.

ESE 2019
Die vielen Erstis auf dem Weg über den Campus zum Begrüßungsvortrag
Architektur der Fensterfronten im APB
Neugierige Erstis beim morgentlichen Frühstück
Die Rückeite des APB
Entspannte Atmosphäre im Sommer draußen am Teich hinter dem APB
Architektur der Außenfassade des APB
Die Vorderseite des APB


To make your start here go as smoothly and easily as possible, we have organized a lot of events during the week from 7st to 12th of October before the lectures begin. At TU Dresden the orientation week is referred to as ESE. Unfortunately, some of those events take place during the math preparatory courses (“Brückenkurs”). We recommend attending the “ESE”, especially, as there is an online course available again this year.

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ESE Tutoren

Monday is coming

The canteen cards can be purchased every day at breakfast. Please bring the following:

  • Student ID
  • Id
  • Emeal certificate (enrolment certificate)
  • 10 Euro (5€ deposit + 5€ or more as credit)

More information about the MensaCard Emeal can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk.

First Things First

Please use the "Get Started" info page for additional information for different courses of study at the Faculty of Computer Science. Click here

The ESE starts with breakfast on Monday, 7st October at 9am. Please bring your student id (Studentenausweis), your photo id, the Emeal certificate (Emeal Bescheinigung) and 10€ (5€ deposit and 5€ or more credit) for the canteen-card Emeal. You can find more information on the website of the Studentenwerk Dresden. You can get your personal canteen-card every day during the breakfast. An extensive collection of everything you need to know can also be found in this brochure (german only).

Every new student at the Faculty of Computer Science is invited to join the ESE. In addition to the main events organized by us there are dedicated introductory meetings for other study paths than pure Computer Science or Media Computer Science. Have a look.

During the ESE week you can recognize helpers by their beautiful #018554 t-shirts. Simply walk up to them and talk to them. You can ask them anything, no need to be shy. Of course you can always contact the FSR via email, phone or social media. The office should be occupied as well at all times during the week.

ESE Highlights



Monday 8:30

Introductory event and Tutoria

Monday 10:00

Games night and barbecue

Monday 18:00

Campus scavenger hunt

Tuesday 13:00

Club tour

Tuesday 19:00

Hiking tour or lean back / Nerd 101

Wednesday 09:00

Enroll­ment and never-ending break­fast in parallel

Thursday 9:00


Friday 14:00

Guided city tour

Saturday 13:00