A warm greeting to all the students who will be joining us on your journey at TU Dresden. We are equally excited and happy to see you all and we are well aware about what’s on your mind right now.

Fear not, as we the student representatives for the faculty of Computer Science (iFSR) and also your friends from your course, have planned a few events which will answer many of the questions above.

In general, some valuable information about which documents to bring to Germany and how to get started in Dresden can be found here:

Getting started

Computational Modeling and Simulation

Now we know that most of you can't make it to Dresden in time, so just to be fair on this, we are organizing two events for you, completely online. The first event on Tuesday, will be organized by your fellow students, where they will answer all your questions (from a student’s perspective) and give you some tips and tricks on how to choose your electives, Research Project, Master thesis and much more (link will be shared soon).

Next up, the introductory event on Friday will be organized by Prof. Sbalzarini to give you all the necessary information on the CMS degree program. (Where we also introduce ourselves and share all the fun activities we do for you).

Important Links


The most important event for you during this week is the welcome-meeting for DSE students on Friday, 08.10.. Please check the websites from above for more detailed information.

In the introductory event, don't forget to ask about the current DSE mailing list that you should subscribe to in order to receive information about your studies throughout the course!

In the meantime you can visit various events organized by the student council (iFSR) online or in person. More detailed information about each event can be found on the Program on this website. Please inform yourself about effective COVID-19 restrictions beforehand, information can be found on the website too.


  • Varied afternoon 14:30 - 18:00
  • Games night 18:30


  • Campus scavenger hunt 15:00 - 17:00
  • Club-tour 18:00


  • Hike
  • Games night 18:00


  • Games night & ESE cinema 18:00


  • CMS introduction event 13:00 (via Zoom: (via Zoom: Zoom, Meeting ID: 832 7455 8549, Passcode: 041194


  • City tour